Friday, October 30, 2009

Giveaway - Catching Fire T-Shirt and Mockingjay Pin

Thanks to the folks at, I won a nice Catching Fire prize pack (read my review here), including a commemorative T-shirt and pin.  In an effort to get the word out about my blog, I'm offering up the shirt and pin as a giveaway on November 15th!  The shirt is a medium youth size, not a standard medium.

Here are the contest rules:
  • Entries accepted until 11:59pm on Saturday, November 14th
  • Open to U.S. addresses only
  • Make sure your posted comment includes your email address so that I can contact you on Sunday the 15th.  Should you win, you'll have 48 hours to respond before I pick another winner.

Ways to earn entries:
  • Leave a comment with your email (1 point)
  • Follow the blog by clicking on the Google "Follow" button on my sidebar (2 points)
  • Follow the blog on Networked Blogs (1 point)
  • Follow me (@LHartness) on Twitter (1 point)
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter; be sure to use @LHartness and the website URL in your post (You may use this shorter URL: ). You may do this once a day between now and November 14 (2 points per day, notify me each day that you tweet)
  • Blog about the giveaway, and be sure to give me your URL (2 points)
And just as a reminder, this giveaway is for the shirt and pin only.  I do not have a copy of the book to give away at this time.  However, if I receive one I will certainly host a giveaway for that as well!

Good luck!


  1. Hi, good contest. I've been excited about this book for awhile and would really love to win it! Please enter me into your contest.

    I am a new follower Parajunkee
    I put in a request to follow your tweets @Parajunkee

    Here is my email: parajunkee (@)

  2. +1 Just came across your blog on Book Blogs.. Thanks for this giveaway I'd love to win

    +2 I am now following

  3. +1 Thanks for the giveaway!

    +2 I'm a blog follower!

    savingforhome at gmail dot cocm

  4. Thank you for the cool giveaway!

    heidivargas [at] live dot com

  5. Heidi V:

    And thanks so much for posting the announcement of my giveaways on your site. Everyone should check your place out. A great place to go to find out about all sorts of giveaways...

  6. I would love to win, The Hunger Games are awesome can't wait for book three

  7. Eric:

    Thanks for entering. I love your email address!

    I can't wait for Book 3 either-- do you know when it's supposed to come out? I've been meaning to poke around online & find out, but I get sidetracked.

  8. HI,
    I am a middle school librarian. Hunger Games and Catching Fire are turning kids into readers!

  9. Linda:

    That's great! That's what they used to say about the Harry Potter books when they first became popular. I have a nine year-old who's a little too young for these books, but I can't wait to offer them to him when he's older. I'm sure by then the series will be finished, so he won't have to wait for each new installment like we are!

  10. Hi
    Thanks for leaving a comment, I am a very new blogger and I like to promote other blogs that I like



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