Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today's Workout - Strong Bear

Since yesterday's workout was WHFN's Fast Cheetah, I did the recommended companion Strong Bear today.  While SB has less of the "fun" factor found in FC, it's quite effective and a perfect pairing.  The lead instructor is Keli Roberts, a renowned fitness professional originally from Australia.  Her accent and highly professional attitude contribute to the strength and confidence that she imbues.

The routine is almost 56 minutes, and you’ll need a 14” step, a tall dowel or chair, light weights (I used 4 lb), medium weights (I used 6 lb) and heavy weights (I used 8 & 10 lb). A floor mat/carpet would be good for the floor work, and she also recommends ankle weights if you need an additional challenge.

Increased challenges are not what I needed today!  While only 8 minutes are officially attributed to true cardio on the packaging, I had plenty of sweat and a rapid heart rate through much of this mostly strength training routine.  Many of my muscle groups were worked to exhaustion, and I had to modify the moves to keep up.  She frequently recommends modification and doesn’t project an expectation that everyone can do every move.  Many positions are new ones that I’ve never seen before and require decent effort in a short amount of time. I enjoy doing these new takes on old standards; it keeps it interesting.

My only quibble with Keli is that I wish she would give a bit more time during transitions.  I frequently had to rewind the DVD to get set up.  I also noticed several of her cast members having the same problem.  But with the convenience of DVD, this isn’t a big deal.  It also gives me a chance to pause and rehydrate.

Overall, a great workout that touches on every part of the body.  I’m ready for a nap!

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