Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Workout Review - 10 Minute Solution with Michelle Dozois

Once again faced with a busy schedule, I chose 10 Minute Solution: Carb & Calorie Burner as my workout DVD choice on Wednesday. Michelle Dozois presents, featuring 5 separate mini-workouts, all about 10 minutes in length. You have the option of doing as few or as many segments as you like.  There's even a programming feature wherein you can select which tracks you'd like to do in any particular order. Michelle is a fun and motivating instructor, prepping you for each move in a systematic way. None of the moves are overly technical, but it's also fun and challenging. I'm glad there's plenty of strength training mixed in with the cardio, so I don't have to do a separate weight training routine.

Here's the breakdown of the tracks:
  1. Slow & Steady Burn (9:51) - This one is great to do first, warming you up and then getting your heart rate up to training level.  The moves are fun and comfortable.
  2. Carb Killer (9:46) - If you enjoy the punching and kicking of kickboxing, this one's for you. A couple of moves were a bit challenging for me, but overall it was very doable and fun.
  3. Power Blast (9:47) - If you're ready to pump it up and really get your heart rate going, this is it. There's lots of plyometric moves, jumping and movement. It's fun, but a couple of times I had to modify the moves to keep up.
  4. Interval Burn (9:51) - This track is Bootcamp-inspired, which is not usually my thing.  But it was manageable.  One move (the Mountainclimber) is really tough for me, so I had to cheat a bit and get my tush in the air.  This one's good, but I'll have to work on it.
  5. Metabolism Booster (9:49) - Strength training is the main theme of this track.  Michelle uses moderate weights (I used 6lbs.) to build lean body mass to burn calories all day long. It's great to do at the end, as there's less full-body movement.
Be sure and do a little stretching after you're done, as there's not alot of time to fit that into each track.  There is some, but I needed a little more when I was done.

Because of time constraints, I did tracks 1, 2 & 4 on Wednesday and then 1, 3 & 5 on Thursday. These weren't long workouts, but I definitely broke a sweat and did my body some good. And it was fun!

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