Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's (and Tuesday's!) Workout

Yesterday I didn't have alot of time to work out, but I needed something effective. I'd done the Firm's Power Half Hour once before and thought it would be a good choice for Monday.  Boy, was I right! It's a tough but fun routine that goes by in a flash. It's been months since my first run at it, and I clearly hadn't mastered the steps.  Since it's only 30 minutes, lead instructor Emily Welsh can't really take alot of time in transitioning between moves.  And for some odd reason, I felt like the music wasn't in sync with the steps during the first few minutes of the DVD. So needless to say, my performance yesterday could have been better. I got a good workout, but in missing some of the steps, I felt like it could have been better.

Today I was faced with the same time-crunch dilemma, so I did something I never do: The same DVD workout two days in a row! I've got hundreds of videos, so I try to do something different every time.  But I decided that I wanted to try to master those steps a little more!  So off we went, and I did much better this time!

Emily leads 2 other castmembers in a fast-paced, aerobic and strength training routine. She does a few minutes of warm-up, some cardio, then weights, alternating until the end when she does some core work before the cool-down.  It's a total-body mix. I was impressed with the standing abs work that we did-- very innovative and not like the usual crunches on the floor. Some of the cardio was a little too difficult for me, but castmember Kelsie Daniels always provided an easier option for us beginners.

Overall, this one's a good one and I hope to do even better on it the next time around-- but not tomorrow!

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