Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Movie Review - The Proposal

Thanks to a free code from Blockbuster Express, I rented The Proposal tonight.  I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary, but I like Sandra Bullock and most romantic comedies.  This one turned out to be quite a dud. There was nothing unpredictable about it, the lead actors had little chemistry, and I had a hard time accepting Sandra as some kind of corporate dragon lady.  There was a ridiculous (and supposedly funny) strip tease scene that I just fast-forwarded on through. I think the thing that I most enjoyed about the movie was Sandra's corporate fashion style-- I loved the pencil dresses and her hair.  But that's not enough to recommend a movie. Don't accept this Proposal. Move on to something else.


  1. Thanks for the review and the warning! :) It is on as background while I am blog surfing.... I was excited that they work in a publishing company... ( a dream for me).

  2. Oh yes, that would be pretty cool to have that career! Well, I'm glad you're at least multi-tasking, so your time isn't completely wasted. And you never know, you might like it more than I did!

  3. So Sheila...what's your verdict on The Proposal?



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