Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today's Workout - Fast Cheetah

After seeing myself on camera yesterday, I'm feeling particularly inspired to burn off some body fat as soon as possible!  That being said, it's been a crazy week and I wasn't in the mood to work out at all.  So, how can I combine a fun, effective workout that has little "dread factor"??  Go for a WHFN (Women's Health & Fitness Network) DVD!  Today I chose Fast Cheetah, which is based on a cousin Fast Cheetah workout done a few years ago by FitPrime.  I wasn't disappointed!

Lead instructor Heidi Tanner gets you warmed up, and then Kimberly Spreen takes over for quite a while.  Kim does a mix of cardio and strength training, using a 14" step and light (I used 4 lb.) weights.  The music is enjoyable and I definitely got a good sweat going.  Thankfully my kids interrupted me a few times so I could have an excuse to towel off!

Heidi returns to do pilates/yoga/core work.  She uses the 14" step and one yoga block.  Her segment was also challenging, but still very enjoyable.  She ends with a nice stretch, and I felt great after 48 minutes of Fast Cheetah!

For those of you who are fans of The Firm, you'll recognize Heidi Tanner (lead), Tamela Hastie (castmember), and other castmembers who've been in past Firm videos.

These videos are high quality and I always enjoy doing them.  And as a 38 year-old, I appreciate the fact that the women have real bodies and we don't spend a ton of time jumping around in class.  They have other effective ways of getting cardio in!  There are a few plyometrics, but nothing excessive.

Give Fast Cheetah a try, and for a companion routine, do Strong Bear at your next workout!

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