Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peak Fit Challenge - Day 1

Weekly Weight: 163.6
Today's Workout:
PFC Fit Test (28:18 mins)

Well, several workouts, days of walking around Walt Disney World and a bout with a gastro-intestinal bug have made for an interesting couple of weeks!  I’ve lost some weight, but I honestly attribute it to the miles walked at Disney this weekend and my many visits to the bathroom with the illness on Monday night. I was so grateful to wake up this morning feeling normal and ready to get started with the Peak Fit ChallengeClick here to read about the program and my personal goals for the next 8 weeks.

Today’s workout was a 28-minute Fit Test to set a baseline for measuring my progress over the course of the program.  During short periods of time, I counted how many pushups, situps and other moves I could accomplish.  Some of my numbers were pitiful (Burpees!!) and others weren’t too bad (Fence Hoppers).  But overall I felt really good about the test.  It gave me hope that I’ll be able to accomplish my goals in the coming weeks.

The menu for today was super-healthy, full of fiber, and I honestly couldn’t finish it all!  I made lentils for the first time, and I retrieved some frozen Brussels sprouts from waaaay back in the freezer. There will be some changes in my diet, but the Peak Fit Challenge food plan should work just fine with my balanced faith-based program, First Place 4 Health.  I've been involved with FP4H for many years, and while I'm grateful to be down from 248 pounds, I'm most grateful for the spiritual and emotional lessons I'm learning through the program as well.  For me, health and wellness are not just about how many pushups you can do, but they're also about the state of your soul.  I'm grateful to have FP4H as well as PFC be a part of my life.

So here we go!  Stay tuned as the weeks go by—I may not check in with daily reports, but I’d like to at least present my thoughts on a weekly basis.  It’ll be interesting to see how this 40 year-old, non-athletic, mother of two makes her way through the process. 

See you at the Peak!

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