Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Contest Report - February 10

Every Wednesday I begin a new post, detailing contests that I'm entering around the blogosphere.  Some of these might appeal to you as well.  Check them out!

  • The folks at Movie Room Reviews are giving away a copy of the BBC's Emma on DVD.  The deadline is 8pm EST on February 13th, so hurry!  Here's the link:

  • Brodi Ashton is giving away books that she scored at Authorpalooza. You get to pick from quite a few!  I don't know when the deadline is, but here's the link:

  • Louise over at Mom Start is giving away a copy of the BBC's recent version of Emma on DVD.  Deadline is February 22nd.  Here the link:

  • The Undercover Book Lover  is having a birthday bash, celebrating Reggie's 15th birthday.  She's got a big selection of 10 books she's offering.  Deadline is 3/10.



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