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Book Review: Brava, Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

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Spoiler Alert!   If you haven’t read Adriana Trigiani's Very Valentine, you may want to skip this review for now.  I discuss plot points that may spoil Very Valentine for some.  But scroll down below my review and check out the other offerings:

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Brava, Valentine: A NovelFollowing the bestselling Very Valentine is Adriana Trigiani’s second volume in the Very Valentine trilogy, Brava, Valentine (also entitled Encore, Valentine in some editions). As in the first book, Brava’s opening scenes are at a family wedding, only this time it’s eighty-year-old Gram marrying her longtime secret love, Dominic.  Her granddaughter Valentine has returned with her family to Italy for the ceremony and has begun adjusting to her new life.  Gram will no longer be living with her in New York, the Angelini Shoe company is growing, and she is no longer dating Roman Falconi, the New York chef and restaurateur.

From the February, 2010 wedding to the following Christmas season, Valentine once again must address several important issues in her life.  What will her new life be without Gram? How is she going to run the Angelini Shoe Company? Will her brother Alfred ever be a true partner, or will he remain an adversary? Where is her romantic life going? Does she even want marriage, children and all the traditional things that her siblings have adopted? The time to grow up has come, and she searches to determine the path that is best for her.
Adriana Trigiani

Adriana Trigiani has again brought her talent to the table for Brava Valentine.  It reads like just another set of chapters following Book 1, carrying on the story line from where it left off, with most of the original characters in play.  There are relational obstacles, philosophical musings, and plenty of well-informed details of the shoe making business.  Marriage is in the spotlight, with all its struggles and sacrifices that couples must make over the years. A long-buried family secret is unearthed, and Valentine uses this to bring some healing to her family, and more progress for her business as well.

Again, the chapters are enjoyable to read, relaxing yet dynamic as well.  I loved to see Valentine’s growth as a woman.  I was particularly touched by brother Alfred’s journey and the level of reconciliation that was achieved within his family.  Of course romance has a significant part of the plot, with Trigiani keeping it truly romantic with relatively chaste details of adult situations and beautifully penned love letters that evoke a bygone era.

This is a minor point, but I really enjoyed reading this novel during the actual year in which the story was set.  If you’re reading this review in 2010, I highly recommend picking up Brava, Valentine before the year is out.  The time setting was just a fun addition to my reading experience.

Once again I’m pleased with Adriana Trigiani’s work. The fact that there is still one more book to go is comforting.  I enjoy spending time with these characters and am looking forward to seeing where their paths will lead in the upcoming Ciao, Valentine. I’m sure it will be a luscious and satisfying conclusion to this wonderful Italian story.

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  1. I scanned your review only b/c I haven't read Trigiani yet but after the great reviews I've seen during her blog tour, I think I'm going to have to!

  2. Audra:

    I hope you do! It's delightful reading.


  3. I love it when a series continues exactly where the previous book left off - that really works for me! I'm so glad the series continued to be as good as you expected it to be.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  4. Interesting that the book takes place in 2010! So glad you mentioned that because that'll give me a push to read it this year. :)



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