Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Contest Report - April 7th

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Every Wednesday I begin a new post, detailing contests that I'm entering around the blogosphere for that week.  Some of these might appeal to you as well.  Check them out!

  • Tiger at All-Consuming Books is giving away a copy of the graphic novel version of Twilight.  Deadline is April 19th.  Here's the link:

  • Darlene over at Peeking Between the Pages has three copies of Stephenie Meyer's The Host to give away.  She'll draw the winners on May 2nd.  Here's the link:

  • Movie Room Reviews is giving away the ENTIRE Stargate: Atlantis series on DVD.  Deadline is April 10th at 8pm EST.  Here's the (kinda long) link:

  • Linna at 21 Pages is hosting a SUPER giveaway for the month of April.  Lots of good stuff is being given away.  Deadline is May 1st.  Here's the link: 

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