Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My First Guest Blogging Gig

Well folks, no big posting for today.  I'm in the throes of getting all the products for this website posted, and it's taking a while.  I haven't read my books in days!

However, I did manage to get a posting written this weekend, and it's up on Peace Love & Pat.  My first guest post!  If you're a geeky bookaholic like me, you might like this one.  If not, you'll think I'm just a geek/dork/odd bird.

Since the post is technically a review (of 3 bookstores), I'm going to link it up with Cym Lowell's weekly meme.  So, Cym Lowell visitors, stop by Peace Love & Pat!


While you're here, take a sec to enter the double-book giveaway we're running right now!

Have a great week...


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