Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Contest Report

The folks over at Two Belles Fitness are having some great DVD giveaways!  Check them out!

Those of you who followed along in my Peak Fit Challenge journey last year may be interested to know that Michelle Dozois has released two more videos to add to the series!  I'm so excited to report that More Cardio Interval Burn and More Cardio Strength are now available!  Head on over to Two Belles Fitness and join me in entering to win one of these amazing new titles!  The contest ends on February 24, 2012.  Here's the link:

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Another instructor whom I enjoy is Tracie Long. She's got some new videos out, and Two Belles is having a giveaway of her reBoot1 and Figure30 Hips DVDs.  I'm really looking forward to trying her Figure 30 series, as a 30 minute workout is so easy to fit into a busy schedule.  Tracie is a former Firm instructor and really knows her stuff.  The deadline to enter the contest is coming up on the 17th.  Here's the link:

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  1. I haven't done a workout video in several years. I'd started going to the gym, but then that stopped after I had a kid six years ago. I'm now back to working out and I go for a brisk walk/run on the treadmill or outside if it's nice. The routine works for me and helps to keep my high blood pressure down. I recall doing the old Jane Fonda workouts as well as Cathy Smith. When I did the Jane Fonda VHS tapes, they were already pretty dated. I hope you have a blessed day.



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