Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Workout -
Petra Kolber's The Last Step

As many of us are resolving to get in better shape after weeks of indulging over the holidays, I thought I'd share my thoughts on my first workout of the year, Petra Kolber's The Last Step.

Petra Kolber has been the gold standard in the fitness industry for step aerobics, releasing videos for about 20 years now.  She has a positive, upbeat style that isn't too perky, and I've always loved her charming British/European accent.  Petra gives excellent cueing, and always offers beginners a simple option before moving on to more complicated maneuvers. I utilized that option quite a few times myself today!

The Last Step is what the title claims-- Petra's last step aerobics video. This tried and true workout style has declined in popularity in recent years, but it retains its efficacy and elements of fun as well. I was thrilled to hear that Petra was releasing just one more to cap off a long tradition of quality videos.

The workout itself is about 59 minutes long, with a 5-minute cool down/stretch. Almost all of Petra's standard moves are here (what, no Grapevine?!?), including a few from VHS workouts of the past. Some may feel that this routine can be complicated, but again-- Petra always gives a basic move to start with before you're ready to move on to a harder combination.

The only pieces of equipment you'll need are an aerobic step, some comfy shoes/clothes, a bit of space in your living room/personal space, and a towel to mop up the perspiration!  The step will be parallel to your TV/video device for the cardio portion, and be ready to turn the step perpendicular to the screen for the cool down/stretch.

I did not master the routine the first time out, and I'm glad I have something to work toward. None of the moves are ridiculously hard-- it just will take some practice to get the footwork. And that's fine with me. I've always been able to master Petra's routines, and I enjoy the learning process. This DVD was fun, I definitely got in a good, sweaty workout, and I recommend it to intermediate step exercisers. This was a worthy way to cap off Petra's step legacy!

For more information about about Petra,
check out her website and Facebook page.

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