Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Peak Fit Challenge - End of Week 3

To those of you following along, here are my thoughts after the end of Week 3 of the PeakFit Challenge.    Click here to watch clips of the workouts on the PeakFit Challenge website.

Fellow PeakFit Challengers, share your thoughts, too!

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June 1, 2011 - Week 3, Day 1 (3.1)
Today’s Workout: Pure Strength 1
Weekly Weight: 162.4

Well, I wasn’t thrilled with a weight gain this week (+1.6 lbs), but there were multiple factors that went into it, and there were also other measures of success for the past week.  Last Wednesday I re-incorporated grains into my diet, I over indulged that night, there was monthly water retention, and the workouts have been building muscle.  I’m pleased with the progress of my muscle tone and definition, and there have been measured strides in strength increasing. So while this wasn’t a perfect week, I still have much to be excited about!

Today’s workout, Pure Strength I, is one that is now becoming very familiar to me after this third go around.  Once again I saw strides in my abilities, using my new 12 pound weights more often, frequently staying off my knees for plank/pushup work and even using the PFC Challenge Bands every time they were required! I still don't  have the range of motion that the cast members do, but there is definite improvement. I was able to use the bands very well in our squats and chest presses.  However, my bicep curls and chest pull-downs were very weak indeed.  So I still have plenty of room for improvement, but I’m getting better!

Day 3.2
Today’s Workout:  Pure Cardio

After doing some work on the computer in the morning, I noticed the day was starting to get away from me.  Time to get the workout done before it’s too late.  This really emphasizes the importance of doing your workout as soon as possible in the morning, if you can.  It’s so easy to let the events of the day take over, and before you know it you’ve run out of time in which to exercise.  If at all possible, working out should be a scheduled item during the day, as routine as brushing our teeth.

I did really well in Pure Cardio today.  My energy level was good, and I’m modifying the moves less and less each go around.  This particular DVD is one of my favorites in the series.

Day 3.3
Today’s Workout: Cardio Strength I

You know, it’s funny how lack of sleep and a bitter attitude can hamper a workout.  Cardio Strength I went pretty well today with a few steps of improvement, but I struggled with my energy level.  I stayed up way too late the night before, and this morning I’ve been angry with a friend.  Nothing life-shattering, but enough to put a damper on my enthusiasm in general.  I’m excited that my strength is growing and I’m seeing better definition in my arms, but I think the next time I do this routine, I could do better.

Day 3.4
Today’s Workout: Core Dynamics

I still have gratitude over the fact that this one is pretty short at 21 minutes.  Some of the moves are still really tough, although I am improving.  I didn’t use my lighter weight stretch band this time, but I did have to modify some of the moves with the PFC band.  On a side bend where Michelle takes the band over her head, I had it hooked to my shoulder, for example.  Between my strength growing and the band becoming slightly worn, I’m getting better range of motion with it, but I still have a long way to go.  Full planks are still really hard, but I know they’re great for the core.   This DVD isn’t the most fun of the bunch, but I know it’s effective and will make a big difference for me during the rest of the week.

In the past I’ve also done Dynamic Flexibility on the same day as Core Dynamics, but between a busy schedule and just feeling really tired, I didn’t get around to it today.

Day 3.5 – Rest Day

Glad for a Rest Day today.  The workouts have been tough, and it’s a been a busy week.  Results are starting to show, though. While the number on my scale isn’t moving much, I received at least half a dozen comments this weekend about how I’m shrinking.  This shows me how I’m building muscle and burning fat, becoming stronger and leaner.

Day 3.6
Today’s WorkoutCardio Strength II

A new workout!  Yay!  I actually was looking forward to this, in anticipation of doing something new.  I was not disappointed!  This workout was super-challenging, pushing my strength and stamina to the limit.  My washcloth for wiping my brow was soaked by the end of the 56 minutes.  I only had to modify a few moves, and I think the biggest challenge was just keeping up with some of the fast choreography.  One thing I would recommend—when doing Cardio Strength II for the first time, you might want to take a step back in your weights the first go-around. That way you can master the steps better and maintain proper form.  I went back down to 5lb and 10lb weights (and even 8lb on a couple of sets) instead of the 6 and 12 pounders that I’d been using last week.  It made getting through this tough routine for the first time much more doable for me.  When it was over, I felt thoroughly trained, stronger and ready to face the day!

Day 3.7
Today’s WorkoutCardio Interval Burn

Today was tough--  While really behaving myself with my menu, my weight continues to climb on the scale.  I know it’s muscle, as my clothes are getting looser and people are starting to notice changes.  But I just wish it would ultimately take a turn and show a lower number when I weigh in.  I really need to quit fixating on this, as I’m really making strides in my fitness level and muscle tone.

Despite feeling demoralized and thereby less energetic, I made it through the tough, 64-minute Cardio Interval Burn today.  My performance was much better than two weeks ago, with fewer stops and greater endurance overall.  I even received an encouraging phone call from my husband about halfway through that really helped me keep going.  He’s working on having a healthier diet, and called me from work to say that he was resisting temptation.  I vented about not being in the mood to work out, but that I was going to finish it anyway, and this really helped.  In my frustration, I can’t say that I ate well for the rest of the day, but at least I conquered the workout.  Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and I will do my best to press on as well as begin again.

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Check back next week for the next installment of my PeakFit Challenge experience!


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