Thursday, December 9, 2010

Secret Santa: My Book Blogger Package Arrived!

This was my second year participating in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. I had such a good time buying the gifts and putting together the box for my Santee.  I hope I made good choices!  As far as my own Secret Santa, they did a great job with their gifts to me!

When I opened my mailbox today and found a festive Charlie Brown-themed padded envelope, I giggled knowing what was in store.  I rushed into the house to enjoy the package before my children came home from school.

My Santa gave me some really nice treats!  I love ARCs, and they chose two that I definitely want to read.  First is Impossible by Nancy Werlin.  I recently won a copy of Extraordinary in a giveaway on Flippin' Fabulous (thanks Stacey!), and I was hoping to read Werlin's Impossible first.  Santa must have peeked at my wishlist!

Next is another ARC, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto.  I'd been meaning to add this to my TBR/Wishlist on Goodreads, but never got around to it.  My Santa somehow knew I'd be interested in this one.  Good job!

Lastly is a lovely Christmas ornament-- a pretty sparkly red bird.  Red is my favorite color and is the primary shade of the decorations on my tree.  Aside from the homemade ornaments and the ones from Hallmark, the rest of the tree decorations are red.   A perfect fit!

Thanks to the folks over at Book Blogger Holiday Swap for arranging all of the gift-giving.  I had such a good time putting the package together for my "Santee" and hope she enjoys the treats as much as I've enjoyed mine!  And to my Secret Santa in Connecticut, thanks so much, and Merry Christmas!


  1. I'm so very glad that you enjoyed the package I sent you! I took a chance and looking at your wish list thought you might enjoy "Halo!" :)
    This was really fun and I hope you have a Great Christmas!!
    Jessica from I Read to Relax (

  2. OH yay! Jessica, thank you SO much for stopping by! Your taking a chance on Halo was right on the money! Great job!

    I hope you got some good treats as well, and have lots of good reading time this season.

    Now I'm going to go visit your blog...


  3. I just got my package from you yesterday, and it was all fantabulous! Thanks so much for the thoughtful and fun gifts. I already broke into the cookies and will definitely be adding that recipe to my list! All the treats are great - such a fun variety, and I can't wait to read the books. That Sherlock Holmes one looks quite interesting, and it looks like something my husband would like as well, so it will be a good one to read together. The other looks pretty spot on for a middle school librarian :-)

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season down there at the beach! We're seeing some sunshine today ourselves, and it's quite nice. That doesn't happen too often in the winter in Oregon.



  4. Erin:

    Oh yay! I'm glad it got there safely and I hope y'all enjoy the items. I had fun putting the box together!

    My husband & I have a soft spot in our hearts for Oregon, as we honeymooned at Timberline Lodge up on Mt. Hood in 1995. Lots of snow, even in April!

    Have a good weekend and Christmas!


  5. Awesome! After reading Extraordinary this year, I definitely want to get my hands on Impossible. Hope you enjoy!



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