Monday, December 7, 2009

Secret Santa: My Book Blogger Package Arrived!

This was my first year participating in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. I had such a good time buying the gifts and putting together the box for my Santee.  I hope I made good choices!  As far as my own Secret Santa, they did a great job with their gifts to me.  I was having a melancholy kind of day, and when I pulled into my driveway this afternoon, I saw a package on my front porch. I was delighted to see that it was from my Santa in Nebraska, whoever you are!  I kept my four year-old at bay by plopping him down with the Grinch and settled in to open my box.

Santa, you did a great job with your choices!  All three books that you sent are ones that I want to read.  Actually, I already started Angel Time, but it's a library copy that I have to return soon.  Now I have a copy that I can keep indefinitely!  So happy.  And you can't go wrong with another recent Anne Rice novel, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.  That's another one on by TBR list.

I was emailing with a publisher rep today and they made a comment: "I'm not sure that anyone would want to win an ARC."  Oh no, book bloggers love ARCs!  And in this box was a lovely one from Sourcebooks, A Match for Mary Bennet. Yum, yum!  Great choice!

To keep my place in these books, there was also enclosed two cute bookmarks that this animal lover will enjoy.  And Santa kept their identity secret in their greeting card, too.

Speaking of animals...the cat who inspired the name of my blog took a liking to my box & gifts. I'm not sure if it was the scent of the Nebraska air or if my Santa has pets at home...but Callie decided that she must rub her scent all over the books, box...everything!  She practically had a make-out session with it all.  So I guess that makes two of us who enjoyed today's treats.

Santa, thank you so much for participating in the program this year.  You've really made my day!


  1. Awww - your Santa was very sweet and thoughtful :D

  2. Wow, that's awesome! Enjoy the books and the bookmarks :-)

  3. Hahaha, your cat had a makeout session with the gifts?! Hilarious.

    "I'm not sure anyone would want to win an ARC". This person probably doesn't know the book blogosphere very much... because I'm thinking, who wouldn't want to win an ARC and get to read the book before it comes out? especially if you're highly anticipating its release. For example, I'd love an ARC for The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott. She was actually offering them on her blog a couple of weeks ago, but only to bloggers within the US :( I guess I'll have to wait next summer to read the book. I made the mistake of reading the summary on a blog and now I'm coveting all the more (not only because it's Elizabeth Scott, but also because the plot is terribly fascinating!)

  4. Awesome gifts! I got mine today - it was very exciting. By the way, I am a catlover, and yours is SOOO cute. My cats do the funniest things too.

  5. Steph:

    Yes, our Callie is a cutie pie. She's blessed us with her presence since 1995. She's definitely a part of the family and we love her very much. Except at 3am when she decides it's time for us to wake up!!


  6. Enjoy your new books! Your secret santa did a great job!

  7. Mary:

    Oh yes they did! My husband thinks that between the Secret Santa gift and then me winning a contest or two lately, he's off the hook for getting me any Christmas presents! Fine with me. He got me a 16GB iTouch for Valentine's Day 2008 and I'm STILL rolling in the joy of that insane gift!

  8. Oh, isn't the iTouch great?!! I added the kindle app and have another way to read. Also, all my pics, music, other apps. LOVE IT!
    Happy reading : )

  9. Beautiful Santa gifts! Enjoy!

  10. What great gifts you got! My cats love anything in boxes (of course they love to hang out in the boxes). :) Love the photo of your cat!

  11. Mary: Yes, I love my iTouch. It's insane how much I use it every day. I did load it up with the Kindle app, but the screen is so small, I don't use it as much as I thought I would. I'm hoping to win a Kindle one day, though.

    Andi: Thanks!

    Alyce: I'll tell Callie she has a fan!

  12. Oh fun! You got a wonderful gift! Enjoy! I am posting what I got tomorrow morning on my morning post. Wasnt the swap fun?

  13. Sheila:

    Looking forward to your post tomorrow (or rather, today)! Yes, I really enjoyed the swap. I liked putting together my package with it's wrappings and colored tissues, etc. And when I received mine, it really made my day. Can't wait 'til next year!

    Anyone have an April 1st birthday? We could do a birthday swap! Or maybe Mother's Day! Or Arbor Day...



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