Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Profile: Fuzed Trilogy: Resurrect

***UPDATE: As of December 9th, the price of this item has returned to its regular retail price***

  Just a quick post for those who might be interested-- I'm not sure how long this 99-cent sale is going to be running... A couple of years ago I reviewed Resurrect by David E. Stevens, an exciting thriller with end-of-the-world implications.  It read very much like a Hollywood blockbuster, and I've been pleased to see how it's being optioned for the big screen.  In preparation for this exciting development, a new version of Resurrect is now available for 99 cents on Kindle, with new scenes and even more action.  Grab it while you can-- this sale won't last long!

From Amazon:

ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year, translated into other languages and winner of the 2014 Epic Award, Resurrect is a thought provoking thriller. A cross between The Bourne Identity, Avatar and Armageddon, the Fuzed Trilogy tackles the most likely and preventable cataclysms facing us.

What if you were fatally injured, but offered a second chance in a genetically perfect body with humanity's best abilities? The price? Everyone you knew believes you're dead, you look as if you have a grandparent from every continent, and ... you have two years to prevent the annihilation of almost all life on earth. Ridiculous? According to research papers published this year, the probability of an imminent global cataclysm is ten times greater than we thought (see Author Page video).

This new Kindle version is a faster moving, updated Second Edition with additional scenes. A portion of all profits will be donated to non-profits working to protect humanity.

About David E. Stevens

A Navy fighter pilot with hundreds of aircraft carrier landings, Commander David E Stevens holds degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics. He test piloted new fighters and received an aviation patent. With a Top Secret clearance, Dave served as Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during Desert Storm and led classified defense programs. He’s traveled to over two dozen countries.

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