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Workout Review: Peak 10 Cardio Interval Burn Remix by Michelle Dozois

Following the success of the Peak Fit System and its subsequent videos More Cardio Interval Burn and More Cardio Strength, Michelle Dozois now brings us Cardio Interval Burn Remix and Cardio Strength Remix (to be reviewed on an upcoming post).  Like their predecessors, these make great additions to the Peak 10 family of videos.  As mentioned in other reviews, Peak 10 workouts generally follow the following framework:
  • 5-Minute Warm Up
  • Five training blocks, 10 minutes each, broken down into two repeated 5-minute segments per block.  Each 5-minute segment follows this pattern:
    • Basecamp  (< minute) – A short recovery time, preparation for the next rise
    • Initial Ascent (~2 minutes) – Intensity begins to ramp up
    • Climb (~2 minutes) – Fast-paced, challenging, sometimes uncomfortable, yet still fun
    • Peak (< minute) – The body is pushed to the maximum effort. Not sustainable for a very long period of time.
  • 5-Minute Cool Down/Stretch
As any first time user should, I previewed the 60-minute video before performing it myself.  If you’re not at least somewhat familiar with the choreography, it’s going to come at you hard and fast. I would also recommend the Movement Review track on the DVD.  This is a convenient way to watch Michelle demonstrating some of the trickier moves in advance. Even after the preview, it took a handful of workouts before I had this one under my feet. Having said that, I am continually amazed and pleased with the movements this routine requires.  Some of the choreography is familiar (e.g., “grapevines”, “repeater knees” and “hamstring curls”), but it seems that with each new segment, Michelle has created step sequences that are utterly original, effective and fun.  She has a new low-stepping lunge that is appropriately called the “Groucho Marx Lunge” that always puts a smile on my face.  And there is a move that is a sort of Figure 8/Stand Up Paddle/Dig that I love so much, it is the highlight of the entire workout. I even think about this move before I hit “play” on the recording.

Aside from the great attitude displayed by Michelle and her six enthusiastic cast members, another huge motivating factor in Cardio Interval Burn Remix is the music.  Michelle spends untold hours selecting just the write tunes for her DVDs, and this effort is clearly evident in the soundtrack.  Like music you’d hear in a party club, these melodies are incredibly fun and easily get me motivated to get my body moving and leaping off the floor if necessary. There have even been several occasions when I’ve heard these songs in my head during the day, before I’ve chosen my workout. Like a magnet, this one draws me in, again and again. There is absolutely no “dread factor” involved, despite the fact that it’s more than sufficiently challenging. The body is worked intensely, but I’m having such fun doing it, I don’t mind at all.

No extra equipment is required for Cardio Interval Burn Remix.  Simply clear space in which you can move, and put on comfortable clothes and shoes.  Have a towel and plenty of water standing by.  I promise you, they will come in handy.  I also lower the temperature in the room, as the perceived temperature is going to go up quite a few degrees after you’re fully engaged in the workout. That’s one of the things I love about home exercise, as opposed to a gym.  I can control the elements—room temp is great, and I don’t have to worry about rainy days. My biggest challenge as an exercising mother is keeping my little rug rats occupied elsewhere so that I can have the hour to myself.

For you veteran “Peakers” who are curious about the term “Remix” in the title: You can rest assured that this is not an indication of recycled video footage from previous workouts.  Every second is new, with the aforementioned new music, set and choreography.  You may recognize a few movements that Michelle has done in other workout videos, but most of them are the kind you’d find in many routines. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. may not be “new”, but she works them into the brand-new moves in a fun, fresh way.  This DVD has absolutely no recycled feeling to it at all.  The patterns of Basecamp/Ascent/Climb/Peak continue the Peak 10 trend, but that’s merely the framework underneath all the innovation.

Cardio Interval Burn Remix once again shows why Michelle Dozois videos are among my favorite workouts.  Her presentation is very motivational, the music and choreography are fun, and my body is pushed to its maximum potential every time I give 100% on my end.  The endorphins produced in my body elevate my mood, even on stressful, frustrating days.  That not only helps my well-being, but it makes me a better wife and mother for my family.  This hour spent on physical training is worth the time and effort, and filling it with Cardio Interval Burn Remix is a great way to do it.

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  1. She's awesome! If I would get off my butt-I would do her videos!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. These workouts are great, Wendy. Let me know if you ever give them a try. That would be such a thrill. Thanks for stopping by The Calico Critic and for sharing your thoughts. I'm going to go peek at your blog now, Burlap and Barn Doors!



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