Monday, August 23, 2010

DVD Review: Total Body Makeover - Total Body Time Crunch Express

CSN Stores graciously gave me a copy of Total Body Makeover by The Firm on DVD, which includes four complete workouts.  Today's review will focus on Total Body Time Crunch Express, the first workout on the DVD.

Total Body Time Crunch Express (2009), like the other workouts on the DVD is a shorter form of a previously-released workout by the Firm.  The original Total Body Time Crunch (2007) is about 45 minutes long.  This express version is 25 minutes from warm-up to cool down. It's also available on the original Total Body Time Crunch DVD as a separate track.

Leading the program is master instructor Rebekah Sturkie, with cast members Annie Lee, Kristin Jacobs, Stephanie Vitorino and Emily Welsh.  Rebekah has a cheerful personality without being too perky.  The workout itself is a combination of cardio as well as strength training, however the focus is not on the cardio.  The weights used in the workout are produced by The Firm, but you can easily incorporate your own hand weights at your own fitness level.  All of the moves are very reasonable for beginners, but using heavier weights will make the workout just as effective for advanced users.

Total Body Time Crunch Express is an enjoyable workout, perfect for those days when you don't want to commit alot of time but want to get your whole body taken care of.  It gets your blood moving in the modest cardio segments, and it covers all the major muscle groups during the weight training portions.  Like the full 45-minute version, it provides a fun, quality workout for users of all fitness levels.  Give it a try!

Coming Soon:  My reviews of the three other workouts on this DVD, plus a unique kettlebell workout!

These materials were provided to me by CSN Stores. No obligation other than an honest review was required.

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